A Werewolf Boy

An elderly woman visits her old family cottage with her granddaughter. Here she reminisces about her fragile youth and the wild boy she taught to behave human. Through her training they became companions to one another. Soon she realized that her new friend was not human but instead a government experiment that was to be used for military purposes. Despite their newly found love for another they were forced to separate in order to save each other from the greed, fear, and jealousy of those around them. Will they ever reunite 😣? Y’all this movie had me balling tears of joy and sadness, your heart warms and breaks with these characters and their struggle to stay together. BYE LOVELIES 😍🤗💙💛💜💚😭

YEAR: 2012

MAIN ACTORS/Actres: Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-young, Yoo Yeon-sep, Young-nam Jang

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