Boys Over Flowers

Who wants to go on exclusive vacations with four handsome rich company heirs? I do!!! In this drama, a young teenage girl named Jan-di is enrolled into a prestige school after saving one of their students from a suicide attempt.Within her first day of school, she comes into a confrontation with the most rich popular guy in school,GU JUN-PYO. GU Jun-pyo and his equally wealthy friends makeup the luxorious clique reffered to as F4. All the girls want to be with them; all the boys want to be them.
However, the F4 is not a group you want to mess with. Once someone recieves a red card you can consider your life over, literally! This school for the rich is no joke, especially if you are a mid class girl like Jan-di😓. Dealing with the F4’s red card makes her new school a place of complete misery. Will she be able to handle it? Can she take this constant negative attention? Will she give F4’s Gu Jun-pyo a taste of his own bitter medicine? OR will this harrasment turn into affection then possibly turn into a radiating romance🤔😍? If so which F4 member will it be? The richest buisness man, The kind-hearted musician, the playboy sculptor, or the badboy gangster❤❤💙? It will take expensive international vacations, fashion shows, and school-trip European cruises to decide. Watch to find out😅….Bye lovelies😉❤🤗

Where to Watch: Netflix, Youtube clips, Online Episode providers

Episodes: 25

SEASON(S): 1 ( This was one of my first dramas so I watched this season like 5 times because it was soooo good😍😍)

Actors/ Actresses: Ku Hye-sun, Le Min-ho, Hyun-joong Kim, Kim Bum, Kim Joon

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