Hello, My Twenties

Being in your twenties can be a wonderful experience in life. Watch as these roomates navigate life and its hardships such as: disturbing family secrets, psychotic ex boyfriends, the strength of friend ship, and girl power. View the crazy eventful lives of six woman like: a fierce eye-catching prostiute that may have murdered an eleven year old-girl, a preppy sweetheart, who is unable to leave her jerk of a boyfriend(whether she likes it or not), a shy naive-looking girl who may be responsible for her late father’s death, a hard-working partime waitress that has to deal with her touchy boss and annoying loan sharks,a beatiful long-legged tomboy who is left behind by her own father, and a hilarious virgin who is obsessed with sex and harrasses her friends daily with her bizzare fantasies. Buckle up, buttercup becuse this ride is giong to be bumpy😂🤣🤗😍…

Number of Seasons: 2 amazing seasons

Number of Episodes: 16 juicy episodes

Actors/ Actresses: Park Hyun-soo, Han Seung-yoon, Ryu Hwa-young, Yoon Park, Ji Il-joo, Song ji ho, and etc..

Where to Watch: Netflix, Youtube clips, Online Episode providers, may be on drama fever

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