I Introduce My Father

Imagine dating the most popular rich handsome guy in school and being “it” girl. Until, one day you get pregnant and your boyfriend leaves before you can tell him about it. Seven years later, your son is in kindergarten and you told him that his dad works for a huge firm in America, so that he would  fit in at school.  Then you go to a high school reunion and just happen to the oh so handsome boyfriend who got you pregnant. However, to your surprise,  this handsome rich cool guy was a sloppy chubby dude who works three part time jobs😖. Not only that, he gets a job at your mom’s pizza parlor so he’s always inches away from your son. Will, you reveal the truth or leave it all behind for a hot english teacher who doesn’t mind the fact that your a single mom? Watch to find out what happens on YouTube by KBS. The movie is short, only one hour and five minutes long so go check it put. BYE LOVELIES 💙💛💜💜🤗🤗

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