Born December 17, 1988, in NYC and raised in New Jersey, Jessi left the States to pursue her dream in South Korea at the young age of 15.  After She successfully passed her first audition for Doremi Media, Jessi headed straight for Korea. In 2005, her debut single album, “Get Up”, was released on Music Bank( tv program). In 2006, Jessi went on to replace the original  vocalist for the hip hop group uptown and featured in their song, “Testimony”. In 2009 Jessi released another single album entitled, “The Rebirth”. After dropping this single, Jessi  returned to North America and took a 5-year break from her music.

Later she returned as a member of the hip hop trio, Lucky J, in 2014. Lucky J made an appearence on Mnet’s music competition tv program immortal songs. Jessi also competed on Unpretty Rapstar 1, in January -March, 2015. On this show, she was voted second place after beating some fierce competitors. She was also featured in JYP’s single, “Who’s Your Mama”, which was in the top ten of all major music charts in South Korea. Jessi appeared on various tv shows such as Happy Together, Hello Counselor, and Running Man.

Jessi released her first solo rap single, “Ssenami” , on September 15, 2015. Her first live per in the U.S. 5ook place in the Belaso Theater, Los Angeles, California.  Jessi made another appearance in Unpretty Rapstar, but this time as a mentor to the new competitors, which real shows how far she had come. She also starred as one of the Permenant cast members for Sister’s Slam dunk, a popular Korean variety show. On July 13,2017, Jessi released her rap single , “Gucci”. Jessi may be a very successful rapper but her climb to success was not that easy. When Jessi had moved from the state’s , she struggled with adjusting to Korean culture and felt out of place.  After her debut, she would sometimes have to  sleep in saunas when she did not have a place to stay. The point of the story is that HARD WORK PAYS OFF🤓. It is not just about believing in your dreams, but doing what it takes to achieve them. Now, she lives her life, makes dope music, and gets mad cash😍😁. Plus, she is one of my most favorite rappers;  checkout some of her songs on my website. BYE LOVELIES 😍💜😊🤗

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