Strong Girl Bong-soon

Review: What happens when you combine a strong female super hero, a handsome rich CEO, and a sexy detective? You get a wonderful exiciting emotional roller coaster, a suspensful homicide mystery, an irresistible love triangle , and a splash of comedy. Try not to fall, because this drama will have you at the edge of your seat. Also, please do not faint, the scenes can go from zero to a hundred real quick! Anyway’s Enjoy😉🤗

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 16 binge-worthy episodes of pure goodness.

Main Actors/Actresses: Park Bo-young, Hyung-sik Park, Ji Su

Where to watch: Full episodes on Netflix, Full Episodes Online episode providers, awesome scenes on youtube

Extra Note: The male leads look like a whole snack so please try not to drool on your screen.

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