This Is My Love

After losing her memory due to a horrific car accident, Seo Jung-eun becomes a ghost writer for a famous actor who is somehow connected to her foggy past. The book she types for Ji  Eun-ho, the celebrity, entitled , “This is my Love”. In the book Eun-ho reveals how he fell for a beautiful girl named Ji Eun-dong, and how she dissapeared without a trace. While typing the recorded events, Jung-eun  would get emotional and type further details that were never revealed to her ! HOW DID SHE KNOW ? The craziest part is that when she woke up from her accident she happened to have a disabled  husband and a child. Her own family tells her how in love she was with her husband before the accident, but she has no memory of it. The husband claims to be her child’s father, but they don’t  look alike? How could a man paralyzed from the  waist down able to conceive naturally🤔. Keep in Mind her, son is ten years old, the accident was ten years ago, Eun-ho also claims that Eun-dong went missing ten years ago! Till This day, Eun-ho claims that he will never love another woman and he will continue to search for his long lost  Eun-dong. But if Jung-eun  is the main character of his book, how did she loose her memory😓?  IS HER FAMILY LYING? Is her husband lying?, and who is she? Why does she feel weak every time she hears Eun-ho’s voice 😲. WATCH TO VIEW HER JOURNEY…..Bye lovelies 😍🤤😭😓😍🤗


Number of Episodes: 16

Season: 1

Actors/Actresses: Joo Jin-mo,  Kim Sa-rang, Junior, K

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